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John Prosock Machine
"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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John Prosock Machine


CNC Machining Company
John Prosock Machine, Inc. is a CNC machining company based in Pennsylvania (PA) since 1982. Our machine shop is dedicated to the highest standards in both CNC machined parts and customer service. Customers of John Prosock Machine get more than superior machining: they get a company that is dedicated to building lasting business relationships.

Company Overview
Machining.milling.turning.prototyping of high quality. With the goal of ensuring valued products at reasonable prices.

Customer Service
Every CNC machine shop talks about quality, but John Prosock Machine understands that quality must be measured in customer satisfaction. We are committed to those customers looking for more.

John Prosock Machine was created in 1982 to fill a need for high quality machining. Today, they continue to fill that need through consultation, CNC milling and turning, rapid prototype development, and quick turn delivery. Aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, steel, standard or exotic… customer needs will define the material used.

Customers require quality. John Prosock Machine considers quality assurance a vital component of complete customer service.

ISO Certification
John Prosock Machine has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification because of employee’s outstanding commitment to product quality.

Equipment List
Our wide variety of equipment including CNC turning, milling, and drilling equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing over a wide range of order quantities.

Meet Our Staff
Meet the staff at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

John Prosock
In the early ‘80’s, it was just John and his wife machining parts in their basement. A lot has changed from these humble beginnings, but some things haven’t – their commitment to excellence and customer service.

Barb Prosock
When it comes to problem solving and customer service, Barb’s skills always shine through. She has worn many hats over the years, but has always had a hand in staying on top of the bookkeeping and our human resources.

Ken Prosock
If had a mascot it would be Ken. An avalanche of numbers and equations numb most minds, but not with Ken. Daily, we depend on our “wiz” to handle our Master Cam programming.

Amanda Jones
A causal glance at Amanda during the workday will always reveal a person immersed in activity. If something needs to be chased down, Amanda is the go to person.

Tiffany Rafferty
In the dictionary, Tiffany’s picture flanks the word, “detail.” With her ever present to-do list, she launches into the challenges of each day with purpose and a great attitude.

Claude Farrington
When he’s asked what he does for John Prosock Machine, Claude responds: “whatever needs to be done.” Claude has been with us nearly 10 years and with the years has come well rounded experience.

Request for Quotation
We specialize in turning around your quotes efficiently. For your convenience, you can use the form to describe you project and upload your drawings and specification sheets.

Precision CNC Machining Materials
John Prosock Machine, Inc. offers a range of materials to choose from including aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, and steel. For years brass was the preferred choice for precision CNC machining. But new equipment and tooling capabilities are making other materials more widespread.

Aluminum Machining Materials
John Prosock Machine, Inc. is a leading CNC machining company with the knowledge to machine soft, non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, at high speeds.

Brass Machining Materials
Brass, specifically brass 360, is intrinsically easy to machine at John Prosock Machine, Inc. Brass 360 is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion and with properties closely resembling those of steel, 360 brass is one of the most popular copper alloys utilized today.

Copper Machining Materials
As a CNC machine shop in PA with years of experience, John Prosock Machine, Inc. utilizes high-quality copper alloys to produce parts that perform to maximum capability.

Plastic Machining Materials
As a leading CNC machine shop in Pennsylvania (PA), John Prosock Machine, Inc. is able to produce high quality precision plastic product machining at an economic value for customers for manufacturers in every industrial segment.

Steel Machining Materials
John Prosock Machine, Inc., a CNC machine shop in PA, has years of experience in steel and stainless steel precision CNC machining.

Career Opportunities
John Prosock Machine encourages energetic and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team. We have over two decades of experience and are continuing to grow as we meet the needs of our customers. We often have positions available for people with a technical background and interest, as well as openings for general office positions



Custom CNC Machining
As a custom CNC machining company, John Prosock Machine, Inc. commits to housing the technology and the skill necessary to machine any part.

CNC Machining
Operators at John Prosock Machine program CNC machines with the necessary information, then the machine calculates the data and performs accurate CNC milling and CNC turning functions.

CNC Milling
John Prosock Machine, Inc., a superior CNC machining company, relies on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for milling, threading, and drilling parts to exact customer specifications.

Horizontal Milling
Computer numerical controlled (CNC) horizontal milling’s high-speed performance, reliability, durability, simplicity, and throughput provides John Prosock Machine’s customers with exceptional production solutions that contribute to the quality of their finished product and ultimately enhance their profit potential.

Vertical Milling
At John Prosock Machine, Inc., our deadlines are as tight as our tolerances. Vertical milling machines use vertical spindles, similar to a drill press, and an x-y table to position the work.

Thread Milling
Thread milling provides John Prosock Machine complete control over the quality of the threads with a reliable, high-speed performance, precision machining process.

CNC Turning
John Prosock Machine, Inc. employs state-of-the-art CNC turning centers to produce cylindrical components for a broad range of industry applications. With John Prosock Machine's CNC turning, cycle times are shorter, changeovers are more frequent, and parts are more intricate.

Swiss Turning
John Prosock utilizes the most advanced and world-renowned CNC Swiss turning centers to machine ideal parts for all industries from automotive, to electronics, to musical instruments, to pharmaceutical, and more.

Lathe Turning
At John Prosock Machine, we utilize CNC lathes, which are similar to semiautomatic turret lathes, but rather relies on computer numerical control (CNC).

Metal Turning
John Prosock Machine’s metal lathes are designed to remove metal from a workpiece through the use of state-of-the-art CNC cutting tools.

John Prosock Machine Capabilities
John Prosock Machine, Inc. is a full capacity CNC machine shop in PA and offers capabilities in prototyping , precision machining , and product assembly services .

Rapid Prototyping
John Prosock Machine's rapid prototyping uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to automatically construct models.

Precision Machining for Short Lead Times
John Prosock Machine Inc., a leading CNC machining company, increases shop production, eliminates bottlenecks, shortens lead times, and meets tight delivery schedules with high-speed precision machining for customers in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin.

Precision Machining of Standard and Exotic Materials
As a leading CNC machine shop in PA, John Prosock Machine, Inc. has to be able to machine any material a customer wants. That's why we offer a variety of materials from aluminum, to brass, to plastic, to steel, to copper, and more.

Precision Machining for Tight Tolerances
John Prosock Machine Inc. constantly evaluates and invests in the latest precision machining technology to deliver parts of impressive geometry to the most challenging customers from OEMs, to medical and communication industries, as well as mechanical and equestrian part productions.

Product Assembly Services
John Prosock Machine, Inc., a CNC machine shop in PA, offers comprehensive precision machining and finishing services, as well as assembly of diverse components into complete products or systems.

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