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" I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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CNC Machining at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

Computer Numerical Control, CNC, machining technology has drastically changed the way machine shops operate. Old numerically controlled systems have now been automated with computer programs, which conform to high quality standards for tighter tolerances and faster cycle times. At John Prosock Machine, Inc., CNC machining has improved consistency, quality, and flexibility while reducing error and process downtime.

John Prosock’s CNC Machining Process
The construction of a CNC machining operation begins with material selection. Materials are selected based on composition, geometry, microstructure, physical and mechanical properties, as well as final product or system application. If you are unsure of what material to choose, John Prosock Machine can provide you with recommendations from years of experience within the industry. Once a material is chosen the rest of the machining parameters fall into place seamlessly.

Programming CNC Machines
Operators at John Prosock Machine program CNC machines with the necessary information, then the machine calculates the data and performs accurate CNC milling and CNC turning functions. The type of material chosen dictates the cutting data programmed. In minutes the rate of speed, feed, and depth of cut for a range of operations is calculated.

How Cutters Impact Cycle Time and Tolerances
Certain factors affect how the cutters impact cycle times. Critical process variables include the type and condition of the tools used, the material being machined, as well as its geometry and coating characteristics. With the right tool, the right material, and the right machinability properties, cutting can be performed with precision and the speed you need.

Another contributing factor that influences cutting data is the rigidity of the tool and its resulting chatter. Tolerances and specifications are directly affected by a machine tool’s accuracy and consistency. Production performance relies not only on the capability of the tool but on the amount of power available. John Prosock Machine spares no expense for quality carbide and diamond tools with long life, high-performance value. Also, our CNC machining centers run at fast spindle speeds and multiple horsepower.

Determining Cutting Fluid
One more vital part to the success of CNC machining is the cutting fluid. John Prosock Machine makes this systemized approach work by determining the best type of coolant to use based on flow, concentration, temperature, and viscosity. All variables from material, to cutting data, to coolant work together to make the CNC machining process stable, accurate, and efficient.

No human could possibly achieve the precision and speed CNC machining provides. Digital information is streamed throughout the unit, which dictates what to move, to where, and how fast. Several of our machinists have attended trade school and use those skills for effective operations, accurate programming, and monitoring for possible complications. At John Prosock Machine, Inc. when our dedicated employees work on our state-of-the-art equipment the result is in the end product. Customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, and outside the US in Canada receive precise parts with the turnaround they need to increase their profit potential.

"My commitment to quality is a matter of pride. Our jobs depend on quality and quick turn-around." Gerard Whipple Sr.
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