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" I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Capabilities of John Prosock Machine, Inc.

John Prosock Machine, Inc. is a full capacity CNC machine shop in PA and offers capabilities in prototyping, precision machining, and product assembly services. Through these capabilities, we can take concepts, turn them into reality, and deliver on or before deadline. The extreme capability of John Prosock Machine is what distinguishes our CNC machining company from the competition.

Rapid Prototyping
To ensure customer satisfaction, John Prosock Machine builds exact models of parts prior to production. Before cutting begins, we establish what material to use, which CNC machining operations to program, and what dimensions to achieve. Rapid prototyping allows us to perfect the precision machining process early on to reduce production time, and reduce costs to our customers.

Precision Machining
Precision machining at John Prosock Machine has many advantages. Customers in all industry segments benefit from precision machining for tight tolerances, precision machining for short lead times, and precision machining of standard and exotic materials. Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, technology has made it possible to exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. John Prosock Machine, Inc. is constantly evaluating the latest CNC technology to offer customers the best parts for their products or systems.

Product Assembly Services
Not only do we produce parts to exact tolerances, but we also assemble products or systems with the care and attention to detail you require. By offering product assembly services, we are able to provide customers with the fast turnarounds they need to market effectively. Quality redundancies are implemented in this final phase of production for the best possible performance of your product or system.

Capable Employees
A range of capabilities is important, however, precision machining is only as successful as the people who make it all happen. John Prosock Machine, Inc. employs some of the most skilled machinists the industry has to offer and who know what it takes to use these capabilities to their full advantage. Our staff is more than capable: they are dedicated to making sure the CNC machining process runs smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end.

Value-added Options
In addition to these capabilities, John Prosock Machine, Inc. provides customers with a host of value-added options to choose from. Heat treating, grinding, honing, black oxiding, anodizing, and plating are just a few of the supplementary processes we offer. Finishing and laser etching is provided to customers who require it.

Maintaining a comprehensive list of capabilities, a group of hard-working employees, and an assortment of value-added options helps John Prosock Machine, Inc. serve a broad base of industries in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Wisconsin. Simple to complex parts. Prototyping to product assembly. John Prosock Machine, Inc. does it all.

"My commitment to quality is a matter of pride. Our jobs depend on quality and quick turn-around." Gerard Whipple Sr.

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