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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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John Prosock Machine and Extreme Capability


Celebrating our 30-Year Anniversary:
July 1982 to July 2012

Customer service aside, John Prosock would not have succeeded without tight tolerance machining. John Prosock Machine was created in 1982 to fill a need for high quality machining. Today, they continue to fill that need through consultation, CNC milling and turning, rapid prototype development, and quick turn delivery. Aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, steel, standard or exotic… customer needs will define the material used.

John Prosock at work in his basement in 1982.

Owner, John Prosock and his wife Barb
at work in their basement in 1982

Barb at work in her basement in 1982.

The John Prosock Machine staff has advanced their skills within an ever-changing industry. State-of-the-art equipment requires that the staff excel with the equipment they operate. John Prosock Machine is continually researching market trends to posture them in front of the emerging needs of current and future customers. John Prosock Machine is equipped with the latest technology that can improve the quality of the manufactured parts.


John and Barb Prosock have been at the helm of John Prosock Machine for many years.  Their son, Ken, has been a key player in the family business for many years as well, so it seemed only natural to them that Ken would transition to a more vital leadership role.  Now, Ken’s wife Tanja has joined the team, so together this family continues to run the business with passion and integrity.  Who knows, maybe someday Ken and Tanja will be at the helm while John and Barb fly their plane into the sunset! 

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